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Monday, June 1, 2009

$12.99 ShirtADay: Hey Handsome

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How can one go wrong with such a deeply satisfying personal message..."Hey Handsome"... Perfect for the vain at heart that would now like to wear it on his/her sleeve. Why's it backwards, you ask?

Instructions for decoding hidden message found on this t-shirt (shh...just for you!):

1. Put the tee shirt on. Wait, it's backwards. Isn't that so awkward when you have to turn it around and you don't want to actually take it all the way off, so you just pull your arms out of the sleeves and contort your body a few times until "correct t-shirt configuration" is assumed?
2. Yawn and saunter into the bathroom (by the way, I'm taking into account that it's early in your day and you've already donned some pants..or maybe not).
3. Approach the mirror, toss your hair or scratch your scalp if you've got no hair, and take a gander at that awesome new shirt you bought. Look closely at the spell-binding lettering, and the message will magically appear before your obviously attractive self.

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