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Thursday, June 11, 2009

3-Shirt Mystery Pack Giveaway Continues

8 pennies earned

We put out the call...and you delivered!

The quality of t-shirts designs that have come in so far in the Shirts on Sale/Pocket Park 3-Shirt Mystery Contest has been mindblowing. Below are all the confirmed entries we've received so far, but there's still time to enter.

Submit your entries --with contact information-- to either our Flickr group or our "no sign-up required" space before the deadline and be entered to win either the grand prize or one of the "just because" awards. We already gave away an $11 Uneetee gift card which which Christoph used to buy this shirt for only $1 plus shipping during their current Summer Sale!

These are all the designs for whom we could confirm the submitter; definitely click through to see the larger versions. If you think we somehow missed your entry, please let us know:

It looks like Brittwong submitted all of the following. Although we give you lots of credit for effort, only one entry per person counts toward the giveaway.

8 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

Really only one entry per person? It didn't say that anywhere. :( Poor poor Brittwong.

Eden said...

I know it wasn't expressly stated in the initial writeup, but neither was it expressly stated that one could enter multiple times.

If Brittwong really did create all of those designs, using so many different methods, there may very well be a "just because" prize in there for good old BW ;)

Brittany said...

I appreciate Anonymous' advocacy on my behalf, and I didn’t mean to take any unfair advantage of the Contest. I had fun creating my designs, and I hope the Pocket Park and Shirts on Sale enjoy viewing them!

Eden said...

We didn't feel you were taking advantage at all, Brittany! Your contributions are excellent (especially the squirrel with the pocket...was that done in MS Paint?) and much appreciated.

I have to say that cactus in the pocket was a real outlier for me. Where did that idea come from?

Victor said...

Gah! 4 hours left! I haven't had time to do a design yet. Hrm.

Victor said...

I finally finished it (left is front, right is back)! Flickr seems to have resized it, so I uploaded another copy of it if you want higher res.

Anonymous said...

When will the winners be announced ?

Eden said...

Before midnight EST (hopefully at least 2 or 3 hours before). Thank you to everyone who submitted!

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