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Sunday, June 7, 2009

$9 Teefury: Bird-Zilla

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No, it's not Godzilla destroying the Tokyo cityscape. It's his avian cousin, Bird-zilla. Designed by Raz, the disgruntled monster seems to be destroying his own civilization of sorts. Are those cracker crates? I can't see clearly enough, but if that is what they are, it seems "Polly" certainly does not want a cracker. I know Godzilla breathes fire, but what does Bird-zilla breathe? Whatever it is, it's pretty powerful. I hope it's not regurgitated food. Unless the crackers have become his ammunition? Either way, it's not your typical terrorizing.

Although it's not the Teevil shirt that many Tee Fury aficionados were hoping for, this is an excellently kowai daikaiju Fury-bird!

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