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Monday, June 1, 2009

$9 Teefury: The Doctor Is In

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If you've ever wondered what happened to the Peanuts gang after they grew up, artist Nicolas Tassone gives us a glimpse. Lucy has traded in her ramshackle sidewalk psychiatrist's office, for something much more respectable. And you can assume she is definitely being paid more than a quarter for her advice. And who is that we see on her couch? It's Charlie Brown! Sure, he talked to Snoopy a lot, but I didn't think it meant he had problems. I would've picked Linus. He's addicted to his blanket, after all.

But, as we can clearly see the issue is about Snoopy. I can't really figure out what it would be, except it seems he's gained a lot of weight. Or that he really isn't himself, seeing as he looks more "realistic" then he did in real life. Whatever the reason, this shirt will get a laugh out of you. Maybe even Charles Schultz himself.

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