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Sunday, June 14, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Eagle

0 pennies earned

Watch out! Bombs away! Fire out the tailpipe! ...Sorry, those were just the first thoughts that came to mind when I saw this showstopping number by Griggitee. The majestic eagle, in all its talonic (yeah I made that up) glory looks as if it's coming to save the day...or ruin someone's freshly-washed hairpiece (where ya at, Donald Trump?).

I remember a time when my family got bombed by much smaller birds and it was quite a mess. I can only imagine what monstrosity this significantly larger bird could produce if timed and aimed correctly! Choosing the subtle palette of blood red, cream, and navy blue, one can only assume that Griggitee is going for refreshed patriotism, but perhaps it's more of an intimidation thing...
You decide.

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