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Thursday, June 18, 2009

$9 Teefury: Giraffe Crossing

0 pennies earned

Artist Charlie Gribouille, takes an old favorite: the "X-crossing," formula where x is to be filled in (man, woman, cat, dog. etc), and gives it a little twist. Here, he's gone for something a little more exotic. That's right, a giraffe. Not only is he the tallest animal in Africa, and probably on the planet, he needs two signs, to make one. His neck and head don't quite fit on the main sign, you see. Yeah, it looks a little odd, but giraffes need to be assured the right-of-way. Sure you're in the middle of Manhattan, but he has to get to work, too. He's late for a business meeting. The Lions have really gotten out of hand lately. Something, they've decided, has to be done.

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