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Friday, June 5, 2009

$9 Teefury: Lucky Day

0 pennies earned

Lucky Day, by Matty D. Cipov is a little puzzling at first glance. There is an owl flying through an almost video-game-looking forest. In his talons, he clutches a human hand. Protruding from this severed appendage is a sign. The sign is oddly placed, as it looks like something from Rodger Rabbit. It reads rather cryptically, "Lucky Day." It took me a minute to realize what it might mean. Normally, if an owl is trapped, he may leave his foot behind in order to escape. A hunter then makes off with his foot trophy. But not this time. The wise-man of the forest has had his day. This time he has made off with the man's hand. Lucky Day, indeed.

Or has the hand become the new lucky rabbit's foot here? If so, the hunted has become the hunter.

What are your thoughts?
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