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Monday, June 8, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Sea Storm

3 pennies earned

Y'arr mateys, batten down the hatches, a storm is rolling in. A cute and colorful storm of symbols, that is! Lightning, rain, and pirates, oh my! Now, I have heard of purple rain (and even chocolate rain) but purple lightning? I've never seen it before, though I think honestly that's probably for the best.

Willy Piva's print is big and bold, and the underlying ocean squiggles are just grungey enough to add a certain edge to the otherwise precious downpour of droplets and eye-patched skulls.

3 pennies earned:

Eden said...

If Sea Storm wasn't to your liking, you don't have to bother your weary eyes by looking at it anymore. TeeFury has just taken it down and put up a dead bird instead -- looks like it's led to a lot of confusion.

Of course, this may all be just a lead up to a "special surprise," but you'll have to drag that out of us!

Ryan K said...

I still can't figure it out -- was the previous shirt a steal job, or what?

If it wasn't, and they're just putting up the dead bird in anticipation for tomorrow's mysteries.. then I hope today's artist got paid quite handsomely for them to do that to his sales.

Eden said...

I don't know what the story was either. They did give us a "heads up" about the mystery shirt a day or two ago and made sure we didn't spoil the surprise too early out of respect for today's artist, Willy Piva.

Still no word on the "pull" from the TF admins...

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