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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AMP-street: 50% off Sale

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Just in case the second part of their name (the all lower-case part) didn't make it clear, Sweden-based AMP-street is, in fact, a street label. Many of their designs involve simulated dripping paint of graffiti and have some sort of tag to be found on the side or back of the tee, but they're work goes beyond your typical street art. Check through their catalog for plenty of awesome artwork and interesting prints.

Right now, and for the next nine days or so, you can get 50% off their entire line, including caps, bags, belts and wallets and more. Shipping just about anywhere --except for Sweden-- is between 8 and 9 Euros, so you'll definitely want to find a couple of shirts or get together some friends to make this sale worthwhile. But imagine how cool it is to tell people who comment on your shirt that it's Swedish ghetto fab!

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