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Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Anonymous Winner of a Free Teextile Shirt!?

6 pennies earned

Although one would think it unlikely that one of our famous anonymous commenters could possibly win a free t-shirt, the one whose email address begins with l8rg8r1992 did, in fact, win the random number draw to get himself --we're making a gender assumption here-- a free teextile shirt in this week's free tee giveaway!

Many of you had an opinion one way or the other about which of these two shirts is the better design, with an overwhelming majority picking Nicebleed's aquarium-realistic design over the more abstract interpretation by the110.

It was great to hear some people refer back to Uneetee's quirky Jelly Soda in their responses as well as Ryan K's reminder that none of us wants jellyfish in our pants --ooooh, burn-- was a strong argument.

It was probably most fun to watch Kyra oscillate back and forth in her comment:
"THAT'S THE PROBLEM, I DON'T KNOW. D: I've wanted Uneetee's shirt ever since they first printed it (should've grabbed it then, but now I'm waiting for it to be pulled for Insaneetee...except they keep doing the white one), and while I agree with Aleks on this one, I really like this too...the jellyfish are all glowy and 3D-looking and pretty.

But then I guess I'm buying this one and I haven't bought Underwater Flight yet, so I suppose I'm already voting with my dollars even though I can't decide."

Although you may not have been the winner this week, don't hem and haw over whether or not you should keep coming back to Shirts on Sale. We're still giving away a free teextile shirt every week for quite a while to come and there are even more t-shirt giveaways in the very near future.

6 pennies earned:

Ryan K said...

Congrats, l8rg8r1992!

Anonymous said...

thank you! how do I claim this? i checked my email,

and I did not receive an email from ShirtsonSale.

I am ecstatic, but I can't decide between the Jelly shirt or the crow shirt. any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

thanks Ryan :]

Eden said...

The email should be sitting in your inbox as you read this and we've tried to make the decision easier by only allowing you to pick up the jellyfish shirt as per the contest.

Congratulations again. Hope to see you back soon (maybe even with a name).

Anonymous said...

"Although one would think it unlikely that one of our famous anonymous commenters could possibly win a free t-shirt"

are the odds against the anonymous?

Eden said...

Not at's just that it is usually harder for us to get in touch with them and confirm their identities by virtue of their anonymity.

If you have a valid entry than your ticket is as good as that of anyone else.

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