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Friday, June 19, 2009

PandaCane Tees: 10% off coupon

1 penny earned

You love candy, right? And what's the first thing when you think of when you think of candy? .. lovable, big, black-and-white, adorable panda bears!

Wait, that's not the first thing you think of? It should be -- I mean, look at how well they go together. Our friend Tom at PandaCane has shown us the light, and has hooked us up with a sweet 10% off coupon just for SoS: SHIRTSONSALECOUPON. Fitting, eh?

They've also got a 2-for-£25 and 3-for-£33 sale and free shipping within the UK. Not the greatest of news to our US readers, but their website also says that all orders come with a bunch of free stuff, which we can only imagine includes candy and/or actual pandas. Who knows?

1 penny earned:

Meredith said...

I have at LEAST 3 panda t-shirts already. But, I don't have a Christmas-themed Panda shirt with a candy cane!.. Yet!..

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