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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rarecabbage Won 3 Free Tees from Pocket Park

2 pennies earned

What does it take to win free t-shirts these days? While most websites go the easy route, trying to beef up the number of Twitter followers, we know we can expect something greater from our readers. That's why we asked you to create and send in your conception of the yet-unseen Pocket Park line of t-shirts.

Thank you for proving that our faith wasn't misplaced by offering up an amazing assortment of shirts more often than not related to the totally unhelpful clues we provided; the name of our giveaway sponsors and a mysterious picture of a squirrel on their teaser page. Soon you'll be able to see the entire collection of submissions, including Victor's last-minute entry, on our Flickr group page.

In the meantime, we'd like to congratulate the winners of this contest. Christoph was the first entrant and won himself an $11 Uneetee gift card. Rarecabbage, the creator if this fun design, is rare indeed, as she is the only person to walk away with the grand prize of three mysterious shirts from Pocket Park thanks to the random meanderings of our infamous winner-picker.

We'd like to offer up this week's free teextile shirt to the person who gave offered the best submission. Choosing the best is impossible, though, with so many great ideas and contributions, so we're just going to have to go with another random entrant. Fortunately the random number generator picked an artist who really went above and beyond, creating a park shaped like a squirrel. Congratulations to estherahsta on winning a teextile tshirt of your choice from this week's offerings.

Thank you to all participants including 12lliw, santiagoc4, rarecabbage, michael, beo17, edwardblake, omnitarian, mailgrant, Brittwong, estherahsta and icecue7 for your awesome submissions! Don't forget to come back next week --yes, the one that starts in another 28 hours or so-- for more chances to win free teeshirts.

Wait...what's that you say? We forgot Brittwong who submitted four different entries before we had to tell her to slow down. Nawwww! You've got a special prize coming soon as well. We're just trying to nail down the specifics and will get in touch shortly.

2 pennies earned:

Victor said...

Congratulations to the winners! There should be more t-shirt design 'contests' Eden :D! I had a lot of fun trying to design a t-shirt.

I can't wait to see what Pocket Park shirts look like once it reopens.

Eden said...

Great news! Pocket Park has offered Brittwong a free mystery shirt when they open their doors. Oh happy day!

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