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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reckless Erica: Exclusive 10% Coupon and Summer Sale

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We're in luck! It looks like our exclusive 10% off 3-day-long coupon code happens to coincide with the Reckless Erica Crazy-Ass End of Season Sale! Right now you can save an extra $2 off her marked-down $20 tees -or $4.50 off the $45 3-shirt package- with the coupon SHIRTSONSALE at checkout.

All three tshirts currently on sale offer a small glimpse into the minds of slightly off-kilter artists, or they may just be the result of accidentally eating the those twisty-twirly mushrooms before sitting down at the drawing board. When you wear this stuff, you're guaranteed to get some odd looks, a comment or two and likely -but not necessarily- a compliment.

With an ensemble of competing artists with imaginations like this, we're hoping that Reckless Erica ponies up the extra money to create prints that break out of the "t-shirt box" in their next t-shirt competition.

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