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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shirt Fight: 20% Off Coupon

6 pennies earned

If you haven't yet stopped by Shirt Fight to see what all the tussle is about, now's the best time for the price-conscious discriminating t-shirt aficionado. Shirt Fight takes the Shirt.Woot Derby model, one theme and artists battling it out for a cash prize --$500 in this case-- and strips it down to just one winner over the course of a week. This has resulted in a wide variety of designs printed at $13 their debut week and $18 through the life of the tee. They only offer 21 shirts at a time; ostensibly this is to keep their storefront from getting glutted with prints, but we suspect they don't have enough screens to go beyond that limit grin

Now through Sunday they're celebrating the buildup to T-shirt Day with the 20% off coupon tshirtday. Go see what they've got going on and come back to let us know which shirt you think is the current king of the ring.

6 pennies earned:

Coren said...

Hm. I only see 15 shirts for sale - either I seriously fail at the internet, or something else is going on.

Or are they just not to their first 21 designs yet?

EdwardBlake said...

Yeah, the latter- haven't reached 21 designs yet. It's a pretty new site.

Victor said...

I can't see the "recent comments" on the side panel anymore. Is this just me?

EdwardBlake said...

Sadly, not just you, Victor.

Eden said...

Boy...that's no fun. We're working on this issue and hope to deploy a solution sometime tomorrow. Sorry you're missing out on all these great comments!

Eden said...

Recent comments are fixed! This might be the kick in the butt we need to install a new commenting system (with five days left in the sidebar poll, we might just call this one early).

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