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Monday, June 15, 2009

ShirtaDay: Avoid the Rush - Start Hating Socialism Now

3 pennies earned

Way to get that super-secret plan out in the open, ShirtaDay! I happen to think that a little bit o' socialism would be a great alternative to what we've been enduring...I mean, the government is already being controlled for the money anyways. We're already partially socialist when you think about it - public schools, libraries, police, firefighters, roadwork -- prostitutes, and taxes to pay for them all (yeah, you read it right - just thought I'd check on your alertness while reading).

Cheers, Marxists!

Just kidding...All things are best in moderation.

3 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

You sir know nothing of socialism.

EdwardBlake said...

And you, sir, know nothing of socialism.

*points to Sweden and Norway.

Jaime said...

I, ma'am, know much about nothing.

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