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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ShirtaDay: Cougar Bait

3 pennies earned

This must be a guy's shirt. I realize it could be worn by either gender when camping/hiking, but in casual public, this cryptic depiction is obviously for that certain age of more energetic man that's looking for that certain age of wiser woman. Heck, if I was a young guy, I would consider being an experienced woman's eye candy/boy toy! Isn't it funny how sexual peaks work? Remember this magic age combination for ideal in-the-sack action: 35 and 18.

3 pennies earned:

EdwardBlake said...

Rofl, my girlfriend will love this shirt.

Anonymous said...

excellent unisex reading of the t-shirt jaime!

Jaime said...

EdwardBlake - Be careful. Don't want to cause trouble!

As for Anonymous - Your sarcastic remarks make me smile in ridiculous irony!

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