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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shirts Taste Good: Opening Week Sale -- ($15 Tees)

5 pennies earned

What on the surface appears to be "just another" collection of already-been-done pop-culture teeshirts is actually a stroke of marketing genius. Shirts Taste Good --a fun name that doesn't give any indication of their focus-- create and print t-shirts based on the top viral hits at YouTube.

The best part of their site, for me at least, is that the detail page for every shirt also includes an embedded YouTube video right below it so you don't have to be an out-of-touch "has been." I can't believe I've never seen the Grape Lady clip before.

Everything is screen-printed in-house on American Apparel tees --what boutique printer doesn't print on AA or their own custom line these days?-- and all shirts are on sale for $15 through June 15th. Although you might not pick up anything right now, definitely head over to their website to school yourself...

5 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

I think the concept and designs kick ass...bought myself 3 and can't wait to get them!!!

Eden said...

Which three did you get? Were you more in love with the video or the shirt design?

Cababababage said...

Ahh, just saw this today. That grape lady one makes me cringe because she actually got hurt pretty bad. If I remember correctly, I think she punctured her lung and broke 5 ribs. o.0 I laughed at first, but then she started yelping so it wasn't very amusing anymore. o.0
I've seen the majority of those videos, and glad I got to watch them again. Sadly, I wouldn't buy the shirts because I don't want people to keep asking what it meant.. (Maybe I would get the more obvious ones like Susan Boyle, "Don't Taze Me, Bro!", and Chocolate Rain) My absolute favorite is Battle at Kruger. Simply amazing. I remember when it was on and I just couldn't believe it.

Eden said...

Now you made me feel really bad about laughing at her fall...but then I tried to search for any news about her lung and didn't find anything.

Which leads me to believe that the rib/lung thing is just a now I don't feel so bad.

Anonymous said...

Cababababage. Exactly, Buy the more obvious ones...and even the less obvious, isn't the fun part of comical Tees the face that they usually cause social interaction or a conversation to occur!!!
Eden...Loved the designs, thought the representations of the videos were great! But def having the videos there to watch was a plus :)

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