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Thursday, June 11, 2009

tFuse: 10% Coupon, $10 Tee & Buy 3 Get 1

1 penny earned

Alright. So that may be the biggest collection of savings for a single store we've ever had to squeeze into a single title in the entire history of Shirts on Sale. tFuse has recently updated their t-shirt competition website with a new interface and are apparently throwing in the kitchen sink to help bring in the business for their planned July 6th launch. You definitely won't hear these t-shirt bargain hunters complaining!

Right now their offering a new shirt on sale for $10 every week --this week's pictured below-- as well as a 10% coupon for your first purchase. Just enter the code TF3GY at checkout for your savings. On top of all that goody-goodness, you can also get 4 shirts for the price of 3 if you find enough that tickle your fancy.

If you do end up buying anything, we'd really appreciate it if you tell 'em ShirtsonSale sent you. Not only will we get $2 from your purchase, it also lets them know they should be giving us free stuff to give you!

1 penny earned:

Dasiy Smith said...

Wow! that's great! I'm gonna take advantage of some cool tees...

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