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Monday, July 27, 2009

$10 RIPT: Bombs Away

3 pennies earned

Interpretation 1: Designer Andy Gotcher creates a compelling visual narrative exploring American colonialism through neoliberal food economics. WW2 B17 bombers, hearkening America's early 20th century emergence into global dominance, drop patriotic colored mass-produced sugary treats signaling the demise of healthy diets and rise of immediate gratification as a cultural export.

Interpretation 2: Designer Andy Gotcher gives us a t-shirt representing the happiest summer day fantasy, like ever.

3 pennies earned:

Ryan K said...

Interpretation 3: Andy Gotcher should be absolutely ashamed of stealing this.

Aleks said...

flying ice cream trucks do it better

dimitri said...

i wonder if he will give TGentry any credit for the idea.

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