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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

$10 RIPT: The Oppidan Owl

2 pennies earned

One thing we never seem to tire of here at SoS is owl tees. RIPT stands in good company with TeeFurious types and Shirt.Woorters thanks to designer Erin Hupp's latest creation: The Oppidan Owl.

The owl is very cute and cartoony but I'm tempted to take that white branch out of the background. It doesn't really suit the owl and while I like it in and of itself, the mismatched graphic style isn't serving. However, I do dig the blue-on-blue colors and checkerboard winglets! So I can't help it, this little guy had me at "hoot."

2 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

This shirt is a hoot and a holler. The hoot is obviously from the owl, but the holler is from me. When I saw it, I actually hollered! Then Sarah Palin came over and we discussed the apparent disjunction between the tree and the owl in the shirt. And I declare that it represents the disjunction between reasonable people, who think Sarah Palin is a twit, and unreasonable people, who think she is the Great White Twat. Comments, suggestions, cookies?

Anonymous said...

I really love it!

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