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Sunday, July 26, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: The Elusive TaMoko Kiwi

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Owning the exclusive rights to administering ta moko on kiwi birds, artist/tapu Josephus has cornered the market!

Now he just has to explain his actions to PETA. "They [The Elusive TaMoko Kiwis] all want to show their dedication to the Māori people, and in return they will peck out the eyes of all who are unworthy!"

Show how much you care about protecting The Elusive TaMoko Kiwi from extinction today by giving generous donations to the completely trustworthy ETK society, c/o Josephus. "How can I donate?", you ask.

Simple. With every $10 donation, you will receive a free* commemorative t-shirt featuring this beautiful part of our nearly-extinct wildlife along with some information about this creature's origins, habits, tastes in fine cuisine, and the ta moko process that each one of them has experienced.
*Donors will not be eligible for free t-shirt unless full amount is paid, plus any expedited shipping desired. Donations must be made at by 11:59 CST, July 26. Void where prohibited.

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