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Thursday, July 30, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: Seven Finger Discount

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While I do understand that the banner below the design says "We Are Mutants, OK?", I can't figure out why OK has to mean Oklahoma. Could someone please explain to me why Oklahoma's getting picked on?

Hmm...I'm puzzled, Reilly Stroope. The title's great, but I think the banner could have been worded differently, perhaps to emphasize the upsides of having 7 fingers?

If we want to mention the bright side, how about "We Can Flip Off 3 People at the Same Time" or "We Can Play More Simultaneous Notes On the Piano Than Horowitz"? Aren't these more constructive ways to portray a mutation?

Mutation. It's going to happen. Apparently, we're going to need 7 fingers in the future. I'm going to need some miracle grow.

What are your thoughts?
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