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Friday, July 24, 2009

$10 Uneetee: Zaal Persian Legend

6 pennies earned

Ie AWWM liskw qw DI vhr q HEIS RIMW QEITRINT; aomrthinf inrwearinf VOUR RHIA ahiaernt by NN asieve. i amebaf dits abit a foaaD PCTAB E adfb, boij a nows d emeth ag swod bah devakdo eadf. I naf, afuid ahf n nfuohfbdf uh hf bfyfhfa ndf un nfy sepudab sor ad way. ja[e you lien it!

6 pennies earned:

Mike said...

I would just like to be the first to say....WHAT?

Eden said...

Finally! I was wondering when someone was going to say something about all of this gibberish...

I started writing my review without looking at the screen and realized my fingers were one off the whole time - so I just went with it.

This almost became the free tshirt contest for the week but then I thought better of it.

The contest is coming soon!

Jaime said...

That's great stuff. I get inspired to write songs based on what piano keys my cats step on!

Thomas said...

I spent like ten minutes trying to figure out what it meant. I even checked the fingers being off.

Victor said...

The last sentence made sense to me! ja[e you lien it! = Yeah you liken it!

Eden said...

I kind of started off on the wrong foot, then went off into space, then made my way back to something resembling real words again.

I hope this post more than compensates for wasting your ten minutes Thomas ;)

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