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Friday, July 24, 2009

$12 Teextile: Extreme Terrestrial

2 pennies earned

Watch out, people! There's a new kind of E.T. in town! He's into being basket tossed from a dirt bike now! Isn't that crazy?

Latortuga is spot-on with this modernization--I'm just waiting on the re-make! Who would play the little girl? Even though she's like 15, I'm sure we could get Abigail Breslin in on it. That girl is awfully wise for her age. I couldn't even pronounce make sense of half the rhetoric that comes out of her mouth at her age!

The classic scenery lends itself to minor changes in the action, E.T. wearing an ipod? Please! Now he needs motivational tunes to make his jump? Ha. ha.

2 pennies earned:

Wes Shull said...

I prefer another take on this iconic image:

Jaime said...

That is a good one!

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