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Friday, July 31, 2009

$12 Teextile: Moon City

6 pennies earned

Olechka has opted for the beauty rather than stellar correctness, which is fine with me! This triggers a memory of Bruce Almighty...That moon is sooo big!

Ah, a sweet breath of nighttime, complete with scattered stars, lit-up buildings, and the cratered sphere in all its glory. Even though the overall design has been done and done again, it has yet to tire me. It would be really special if it came with glow-in-the-dark stars!

For all of you designers, there's one big thing to learn from this image:
Don't forget to clean up the images you montage together. I still enjoy this image, even with its imperfections--no one will be up close examining your t-shirt, anyway--it's got some extra personality.

6 pennies earned:

Aleks said...

totally agreed re: glow in the dark stars! or even colored nebula-esque type sky? the dusty stars need something for depth in there

dimitri said...

The Soviet in me is severely paranoid about the glow in the dark clothing. Reminds me of the Chernobyl glowing blueberry jam, just like mama used to make.

Do not want nipple-cancer! >_<

Jaime said...

You know, this also reminds me of those scenic pictures with the stars cut out with little lights behind them.

Maybe this shirt needs to get wired up with some LEDs! Then you wouldn't have to worry about nip cancer, but rather electrocution, dimitri!

Eden said...

Are you sure you want to look like this?

Jaime said...

I dig it. It would be cool to get a bunch of people together and have a lights off, lit-shirt only party. I'm such a fool for stuff like this!

Aleks said...

i like parties where the lights are off.


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