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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

$12 Teextile: A Piece of Paradise

1 penny earned

Tonight's getaway is brought to you for under $12, by artist equalszero. Now you don't have to spend a fortune on plane tickets just to go to Hawaii. You don't even need to involve that traveling gnome in your plans. All you have to do is buy the shirt, and you'll have your own little piece of paradise.

I like the designs and the mixture of shading against white space. It really makes you feel like you're in the jungle, even without a thick coating of trees. I also really like the single bird we have here -- no doubt a Bird of Paradise. If you don't know anything about these little guys, they're really cool.

A great shirt for the middle of the week.

1 penny earned:

tmalloy411 said...

I like the part where the hottie wearing the shirt brings me a beer. Flash forward to next morning, where he's making me the fluffiest pancakes I've ever had. Is it true love? Too early to tell. But it's something serious. I can feel it in my capillaries.

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