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Thursday, July 23, 2009

$12 Teextile: Pixel Monsters and Freaks

0 pennies earned

Unusual arrangement of characters, huh? Looking much like a page taken straight out of a high school yearbook, Basillo has constructed what it would have been like to look at the monster/freak version. Would you care to name all of the characters here--make sure they're in alphabetical order!

Fourth row from the top features (From left to right) Ms. Triple Nipple, Drippy Slimemore, E.T. Deerhead, Dracula, Junior, Lettered in Blood Type Recognition by Taste (Not pictured).

On the bottom row, I like Skeleton Man, Lego Man, the guy that only requires a monocle, and that one freak...well, who am I to call him a freak?

What are your thoughts?
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