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Monday, July 27, 2009

$5/12/10 Uneetees: Mystery, Lion, Dream

0 pennies earned

Well, it looks like Uneetee's post today will be a mashup of their various, seemingly ongoing deals, along with today's Insanetee:

Mystery GCs!
Still going, apparently -- even though we thought it would be a one-day, then one-week sale. Boy, were we wrong! Same old story: buy a $5 GC, and you'll be guaranteed $6 in return, but possibly $15, $50, or $100! Not bad for $5, but this writer has never won one. *sniff* Maybe my luck with turn this time! Best of luck to those who've waited on picking one up..

Weekly Winner?
Hmm.. now, usually we'd be seeing a new design featured on Uneetee's frontpage as their contest winner, but it seems that Mechanical Lion is just their three-time reigning champion. Now featured on the frontpage for three straight weeks, it doesn't
seem like it'll come down any time soon, and it's still at
the $12 price point.

$10 Insaneetee
Well, we can all dream, can't we? Ever-caps-lock-conscious artist geraud MARGERIT's Dream is available today for just $10. I betcha this fella is dreaming of a day when his camera can take pictures that include the whole frame, and not cut his desk chair, desk, lamp, and best friend out of his pictures. Poor guy.

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