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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

$9 Teefury: Furyous Omnibus 2

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Teefury's birthday has sparked a united front of collaboration t-shirts, and this is just one of many! 45 people put on their thinking caps (maybe they all chipped in for a bird?) and went to work. It's such a beautiful thing, seeing so many people working toward the same goal!

This design, while complicated and somewhat eerie, I enjoy the way Teefury put everyone's submissions together. All the birds are hanging out in the Teefury nest! A convenient map has been provided to give each artist due credit, and also to help those that participated find their contributions in the midst of such bird-brained madness.

SoS Represent!!

And to top it all off, our very own Ryan K is one of the 45 artists featured in the collab! This little birthday bird near the top left corner (#14 on the chart) is a little bit of SoS history, folks - congrats, Ryan!

I just have to know 2 things: 1) Where is the bird boat going? and 2) Have you heard...?

What are your thoughts?
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