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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

$9 Teefury: We Gave It Hell

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Bats, wispy-leafy-ribbon-like fire, faint reminders of wings, praying hands, scary see-through man face...much like some Greek seal gone terribly wrong...

All-to perfect for those dark alleyways, setting a glum mood, or just being rebellious, this hellish design gets the point across with a little more flare than the everyday "I'm feeling grungy".

Terribly interesting t-shirt, huh? So how does Skaicandy produce such artistic snapshots of brain activity? It mostly comes out on its own, according to him.

He has an overall idea for color scheme, but when asked by jimiyo about his design planning, he said he just "sat down and let it flow". Don't we all wish our "let it flow" side could come up with such deep messages and fine compositional style?

Buy the shirt or we'll give you hell. Do it. NOW!

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