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Saturday, July 25, 2009

$9 Teefury: WILD DUO

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Wild Duo By eZ-kun, is certainly wild. We've got a bear on the electric guitar. He's painted himself blue, it looks like. To top it off, he's got a white star painted around his eye. He could give people like Marilyn Manson and Metallica a run for their money. This boy's got some pipes. Courtesy of Mother Nature, no doubt.

His partner on the scene, a tiger, is on the vocals. After all, he's got that purring, dulcet tone that every woman wants to hear. But it looks like the bear wants his turn. After all, he is more suited for rock and heavy metal. Or so he says.

As cool and unique as this shirt is, for some reason I can't help but think of Jungle Book. Maybe it's because a bear and a big cat are together, making music. When I first saw this shirt, all I could think of was Baloo and Bhagira. Now I have the songs,"bare necessities," and "I want to be like you," stuck in my head.

I bet you will now, too, since I mentioned it.

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