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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

District Cotton: All T-Shirts $5 or $10

1 penny earned

It's humorous that District Cotton calls their annual discounting of t-shirts and other goodies the Stoopid Cheap sale as they seem to be one of the more socially conscious and intellectual t-shirt labels. What do we mean by "socially conscious and intellectual?" Well, many of their tees promote sustainable living and organic lifestyles and the shirts themselves are fair-trade made with organic cotton.

We're not going to argue semantics here, though, and instead will just point out that today and tomorrow you can get any of their t-shirts for only $10 or $5. Who would have thought you could ever get a printed organic cotton shirt for only $5 (like the one below)? That's the biggest discount on their shirts we've seen in our history and a great excuse to check out their wares.

1 penny earned:

Victor said...

Aww, the hoody is for girls. I could have used another brown hoody.

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