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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

FLIPNY: Exclusive 20% off Coupon

2 pennies earned

FLIPNY may be the only t-shirt label with an ambigram for a logo. While it seems like there's no real reason to give this much attention, it may actually be one of the best ideas for a t-shirt designer. Amazingly, the logo should look exactly the same to the wearer as it does to viewers helping you share a common experience.

While their shirts tend to be a little expensive, at least for our bargain-hunting tastes, there is often a reason for the premium price hidden beyond the initial frontal presentation of their tees. Many of their teeshirts include designs that print right over the shoulder and onto the back, something we never come across in our bargain-basement t-shirt shopping trips.

While you're over at their site clicking through shirts to see how this over-the-back printing works out, don't forget that you can save $6.40 (20%) on your tshirt purchase or their hoodies with the exclusive coupon SOS09 through July 31st -- yes, just a few days from today.

2 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

There website is great! thanks for the code I just grabbed a couple of items!


Victor said...

Yay hoodies!

Noooo, still expensive!

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