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Monday, July 27, 2009

Purple Ice Cream Has No Bones

3 pennies earned

This update may have our most cryptic t-shirt-unrelated title yet...that's because it's the winning phrase from our secret code contest, a mystery so deep it led some commentors to say things like "You people need to lay off the drugs. It's fun in small amounts but if you take too much too often... Fuck ya up." and "LIRjiej4uhO OHuh hur3u HU OURH3PQ IHEO2 ijHeih ioh io3hir **HHUUUUHHH???**"

It all started with a lazy review in which I claimed to write everything one letter off from where it should have been. Being the astute reader he is, Thomas called me out for wasting ten minutes of his time with a fake code.

The gauntlet had been thrown, and the prize was to be a free t-shirt from teextile.

The following day we posted the following encrypted challenge:

now that you know my secret its hard to havw a secret contest...but we will try anyway.

write us a message in our secret language ans be ebtered to wib! standard rules applt. you have until the debut of the next uneetee.
As you can tell, even with a concentrated effort I still had trouble crafting a flawless test but seven entrants wouldn't let that stop them from their chance for a free tee.

We loved reading your secret messages to us --even the ones that point out how inept we can be at creating a code-- and would like to thank everyone who took the time to decode and respond:
i think you made a typo. it should be "apply" instead of "applt" ?

this took a lot longer than necessary to reveal.

hey i figured out your secret send me something good

i found five typos in your message. what's up with that?

if only you knew.

purple ice cream has no bones.

secret messages are fun/ i remember doing this in high schoik!
Congratulations to Brian, who crafted the purple ice cream message, for being randomly selected to win a free t-shirt. Well done ahsta, Cabababage, Mike, Mike (yes, there were two different Mikes), Thomas, Anonymous, Brian and jplat! We hope you participate in our next free giveaway sometime this week: You never know where; you never know when; but you know what you'll win.

Thank you, Chris, for generously sharing this picture via Creative Commons licensing.

3 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

Argh. Don't I get a shirt for giving you the idea?

Congrats Brian!

Brian said...

Thank you very much Eden! My sources also tell me that green ice cream may have cartilage...

Eden said...

Sorry, Thomas. The Randomometer decides!

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