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Monday, August 10, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel: Asami

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Finally! Ladies Week on RIPT!

And this gorgeous shirt design by Lora is the perfect introduction. I've seen a lot of nice shirts, but this one is particularly well done. I really like the combination of design and color. I feel like I'm in a Japanese garden, looking down into a koi pond. The placement of the lily pads and the fish are also exquisitely done. It's not often that I find a shirt with such natural placement.

Unlike Uneetee's "Fury" T-shirt I don't regret having the lily pads right at my neck. I think it's a charming touch.

The title "Asami," is even well-placed. It's a Japanese girls' name, and depending on the kanji used, can have a variety of meanings. Morning, beauty, sea, and hemp!? To name a few?

I don't care what it means, beauty is beauty. And this is definitely going to go on the books as my first RIPT purchase.