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Sunday, August 16, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel: Castle on a Shell

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So we've all probably encountered the Native American creation story (I hate to use the word myth, because it brings in validity issues), where a giant turtle is said to have carried the world on his back. And keeps it there, so that it doesn't fall. Now carrying the weight of the world on your shell is certainly epic. On par with the Greek God Atlas, if I do say so myself.

But this sand castle (I'm assuming it's made out of sand since our turtle looks like he hangs out in the sea), is worthy. It may not be an entire planet, but it's grand in its own way. One false move, and those intricately carved spires, and towers will come crashing down. It's not a single story, either. It's multiple levels, suggesting Paris Hilton might have found herself a new piece of real estate right on the water.

Although the color choices for this design are a bit simplistic (white and black, and blue), I actually don't mind. In this design. Artist davmakeshirt makes up for the lack of color variety in the detail he puts into the design. The turtle looks like a turtle, and I can feel every grain of sand in that castle. Another good reason to have it on the turtle's back, instead of on the beach: it's out of the water.

Take that, tide! Just try to demolish this one!

A nice piece of cotton to wear around just about anywhere, especially in the summertime.