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Monday, August 3, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel: Epic Rock Paper Scissors Battle

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Sorry, folks. You won't be seeing Maximus in this battle.

It's a clash of the titans/iconic figures in tonight's battle of the hands. Yes, tonight the fate of the world is decided by a game of rock paper scissors.

Let's see who wins. Though I would like to know how many rounds they expect to play. Best two out of three? Best 3/5?

Okay, it looks like for our first guy -- I can't tell if he's Napoleon's arm, or some Confederate (or Zombie) -- either way he voted "Paper."

Our second contender is Captian Hook? That appendage is deadly, and he could probably take out every one of his contenders with it -- but the problem is it can't be read properly. I can't tell what he voted for. Rock, Paper Or scissors?

Hanging chads are not as bad! But for the record, let's put him for "scissors."

The third kid on the block is our knight in shining armor. He's voted for scissors. That means Captain Hook is out, along with Napoleon/Confederate/Zombie guy.

But what's this? Our next contender, a ninja, has voted for "Paper." The Knight would beat him hands-down. But the battle isn't over. Not until the last hand signs.

Our last participant is the Lone Ranger. And it appears he has gone for the strongest, most stalwart of his options. The Rock. It beats everything. Everything, that is, except for paper.

Bye-bye, cowboy. The ninja wins this round.

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