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Saturday, August 22, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel: Flowers

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Tonight's design, by AtomicChild is called "Flowers." And it certainly is. Sometimes aptly named pieces are better than creatively named ones, but not in this case. What you see is what you get, both in the title and in the design.

Flowers. Just flowers. There's nothing very spectacular about them, except for their shapes. At least they're not your backyard pansies. Other than that, they're not very exciting. They're not even colorful, as I would expect a flower to be. They are grey/black, with only a few pieces being white to offset them. In some cases black-and-white can be an effective attention grabber.

For this piece, for me, the contrast only serves to outline just how plain these flowers are. They're exotic, for crying out loud! They should be jumping with color.