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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel: S'Gator

1 penny earned

Artist Sean StarWars is calling out Ms. Avril Lavigne, and her song, "Skater Boi." Yup, he's a "S'Gator," for sure. Normally these kinds of blatant visual and linguistic puns make me cringe. Make me want to reach around and eat my brain, as comedian Lewis Black is wont to say.

In this case, however, I guess I'll make an exception. "Skater," and "S'Gator" aren't that bad. Besides, you have to give the guy props. It takes a lot for a reptile to get up on the board. Much less shred, with any style or skill. So I applaud our scaly athlete.

I am a little nervous about those bottles he's carrying. They look like beer, and that's not the kind of thing you want to model for kids. But, then again, they could be root beer, so I guess it's okay. As long as he doesn't get arrested for DUI.

Believe me, when you've had too much root beer, anything is possible.

Thanks RIPT, for another rad shirt!

1 penny earned:

dimitri said...

That is a mellow crocodile

who is double-fisting while skateboarding

and looks drawn in festive chalks by talented Mexicans

I Want This Shirt

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