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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel: Weird Fiction

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It's a little complicated....

Ignoring for the moment pentagram bob and the portcullis-toting-flying-squid-watchman design that's nodding so hard to H.P. Lovecraft we're getting whiplash just watching, the pen and ink style looks super crafty and awesome. However, for something that's going to be worn, as opposed to being tacked up on a door/wall/binder/desktop, the design is a lot more effective in the hypercolor pastel background you get in the RIPT preview. I mean, its just maddening to get so much color and detail and then it's like looking into a yawning grave in B&W. But maybe that's the original intent.

So loving the weird tangled occult smash that designer Drakxxx has given us, but wishing for a spot more color. Anyway, black shirts never stay black enough to keep something like this looking edgy.