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Thursday, August 6, 2009

$10 RIPT: Assembly Line

1 penny earned

How creepy. Almost as creepy as the whole "human birthing" deal in The Matrix. When we die in the world of Camila Matos de Castro, do we get ground into machine oil, perpetuating the cycle? Geez.

It would be great to see her follow up this shirt (or make a design for the back of it) with an assembly line that assigns each person an occupation and accessorizes them with family members and pets. She could call it super-socialism...what do you think?

While the colors are a bit drab, I think our artist may have chosen them just for that reason. Factories are not pretty, nor are they colorful (unless it's Willy Wonka's). The cartoon-ish quality adds some levity to the subject, but it is brought back down with the color selection. Just my opinion. Let us know about your color preference for this t-shirt in the comments along with your reasoning.

1 penny earned:

Wes Shull said...

Avocado and harvest gold sure don't evoke a factory to me... unless it's That 70's Factory.

Black, white and red a la old soviet propaganda posters might work better...

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