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Saturday, August 22, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: There Are Other Worlds Than These

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Another dreamy tee, huh? Cmdixon2 has cornered the market on gothic, Dark Crystal-like towers with misty roses swirled around, it seems.

I'm digging the color palette--lots of warms in this one! The dove is a nice touch. Is this symbolic, or just a compilation of ideas? I always enjoy a good cryptic design.

Colors-great. Concept-pretty cool. Layout-not so sure. Is it just me, or does the sun feel out of place? I know it's behind the rose to add some depth, but it might work well on the other side, right? It just feels really empty over there. Again, I understand that less is sometimes more.

Anyways, check out the bolds to stumble over my favorite .com for curing boredom (each paragraph has 1 word).