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Thursday, August 27, 2009

$ 10 Shirt.Woot: All Hands on Deck

1 penny earned

Get it?? Cause when you play cards the ones you hold are called your hand, and they're on a ship with a deck, get it?? Oh ho! *Rollicking knee slap*

I can see professional poker players possibly wearing this tee around the World Poker table- mirrored sunglasses, unlit cigs hanging out of their mouths and all... Except that it's apparently being printed only in "baby blue". I'd prefer to see the king, queen and jack on a royal blue background, but maybe that's just me.

Even without the privilege of getting to read the cute title, people will "get" what you're trying to show here. I see this shirt selling out pretty fast- poker themes are always popular. Nice deal, Andy Pitts!

1 penny earned:

Anonymous said...

can't read mah
can't read mah
no, U can't read mah p0ker facee

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