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Friday, August 7, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

6 pennies earned

Someone, anyone, please help me understand why the title makes no grammatical sense. Is it an acronym for some saying that I've never heard before? Does it hold special meaning taken from a movie, game, or song lyric?

Going purely from my reaction to the design, DeadFrog has stepped it up in terms of depth. This pensive, angelic soldier possesses a certain solemn nature. Because we really don't know what he's thinking, we will assume that the artist has captured a glimpse of his contemplation on the hard facts of soldier angel-ness.

I am doting over the detailed construction of the wings, in all their bladed glory. He glows mysteriously, which only pure gold could amplify. Hey, Shirt.Woot, wanna look into gettin' some of that gold everyone's turning in for money? I'm sure there's at least one amateur gold-melter in your midst...Just a thought. Bold letters in each paragraph=other words for angel.

6 pennies earned:

Coren said...

Oppenheimer said it when they were testing the Manhattan project - it's from the Bhagavad Gita

Eden said...

Oppenheimer -- for the uneducated, like myself.

Wes Shull said...

guardian, cherub, and seraph. Is this some kind of contest I missed the announcement of, or just a trick to get people to comment? :P

BTW on the fence on this design... why can't they make a test print a take a picture of that?!

Coren said...

Well in the case of woot, with its voting style to choose the weekend winners, that won't work because the shirts aren't even submitted more than a week in advance in most cases. And even then it'd require woot to print more than just the winning shirts - as those are decided about 12 hours before the first goes on sale.

Eden said...

Thanks, Coren, you said that much better than I would have...

Thomas said...

Sigh. I'm always late.

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