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Saturday, August 1, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: Listen to Your Conscience

1 penny earned

Wow, that is a wicked-lookin' bunny, ramyb. We've already moved on to the 3rd place derby winner for the week because truffleshuffle stole the show yesterday, winning 1st and 2nd! Check out her shirts, too.

I enjoy the clean lines of this design, not to mention the fact that our consciences have been personified by one of the more lethal (yeah, I said lethal!), yet cutest creatures in the kingdom. Any hopes for some cadbury eggs, you little furballs? I still have nightmares every Easter because of those crazy clucking bunnies on the commercials.

Don't forget to show your loyalty to ramyb by looking at these other designs: Imposter, Grim Optimism, Music Pirate.

1 penny earned:

Victor said...

Reminds me of the newest 200nipples shirt.

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