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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: Woodland Rock

0 pennies earned

Earning herself an official Shirt.Woot-coined term, Esther Aarts has paved the way for any up-and-coming designers that show a special prowess, for they will be deemed "Aartistic"!

Check out the voorgerecht of animals out there (I tried...I'm not very good with Dutch and smorgasbord was too Swedish to use with a Netherlands artist)!

Featuring a rarely-seen thing around here (back art!), we must take advantage of this opportunity to showcase her superb work! Girls, that means you have to wear your hair up if it covers up the back of the t-shirt. Guys, just cut it off. It'll grow back. Or get a hair tie. Or develop male-patterned baldness. Or braid it and put bunches of gel in it like Pippi. Just move it outta the way.

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