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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$10 Uneetee: Paradise

1 penny earned

She stumbled up the front stairs. Bracing in the doorway, first one blue pump fell. Then the next. The soft whisper of bourbon left on her breath as she fumbled for the light. Stuttering flashes of the bulb.

She stalks through the living room across guilty remnants of her teenage daughter's excess: ashtray dust bombs; candlewax oil slicks in the carpet; purse handles like tripwires. Climbs over her kid passed out on the floor: a mess of youth tangled up with a too-old boy in a Paradise tee and red and white striped boxers. Sure, it's paradise now, she says to herself. But when it's gone, it's gone.

design by: sittisak sakornsin

1 penny earned:

dimitri said...

This scoop is channeling Françoise Sagan and making me sigh a lot.

Really dig the silhouettes of the beasties used in the design. See the stork? See the flamingo?

Did you know that Marabou storks eat flamingos? It is very very scary and sad to watch. Marabous look vile vile vile and they disembowel flamingos and munch on their guts as if those are spaghetti.

Aaaanyway, magical design is magical.

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