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Monday, August 24, 2009

$15 Uneetee Back to School T-shirt Sale

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Have you been waiting for that special shirt to go on sale for $10 only to see that it's never become a Uneetee Insaneetee deal? If the waiting has just become too much, your wallet will thank you if you get it this week, while it's on sale for $15, instead of impulse buying at a higher markup.

It's Uneetee's late-to-the-party back to school sale time!
If the shirt you've been waiting for happens to be Spirit of the Stag, the above sale doesn't apply to you as it's on sale today for only $10.

At first glance, I find Spirit of the Stag quite majestic.

Later glances (like the nice long one this guy's giving it) leave me wondering whether I'm crazy for seeing a likely unintentional goat/rabbit/unicorn crossover effect. The longer I stare the more shifty I get about the cloud-birds, too.