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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$12 teextile: Disco Octo

1 penny earned

Like Owls, Octopodes (or octopuses or octopi -- it's all legit) have a heck of a following in the t-shirt design world. So how do you make an original octopus shirt anymore? Thankfully artist Freeform has answered us with a shirt that feels to me like the DJ'ing cephalopod reincarnation of this swanky ancient moment.

I guess it's not everyday that you get a shirt that'll rock this particular color (which I've only ever seen before on Lisa Frank folders, backpacks and pencil cases). So if you're collecting octopus printed tees (and why the hell not?) don't forget to snatch up Disco Octo.

1 penny earned:

dimitri said...

That octopus and the entire shirt look severely grape-flavored. The sort of grape-flavored that tastes like horrible treachery but not grapes.

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