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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

$12 teextile: Electrisky Dropper

2 pennies earned

Bright colors! Rainbows, and birds and happy clouds! And... power lines and a tower. It was creative of Deyaz to use those lines to create the rainbow. What a nice spin on our beautiful urban decor.

Deyaz' tee may have the flying off birds of tees from our past, but there is still plenty that makes this shirt special. Well, it does remind me a lot of THIS t-shirt- so much so that this tee could almost be a daytime version of it! Think you can pull off a shirt this pretty blue?!

2 pennies earned:

gambit07 said...

anyone know what color AA shirt this was printed on? I like that shirt color, it's not baby blue or whatever like woot usually uses I don't think..

Eden said...

Based on the options, I'm going to go with teal.

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